Sitemap - 2021 - Godly Goodies

Q & A and Thoughts for the New Year

12 Faces of God Is Here

Instrumental Song - 12 Days of Christmas

Angels Unaware

Soulful Holiday

Fiery Truth - Soulful Holiday

Angels - What Do You Believe About Them?

Fiery Truth - There Are No Limits


Christmastime - A Magical Season

Q & A and a Cornucopia of Blessings

Thanksgiving - A Time of Giving Thanks

Fiery Truth - The Right of One is the Right of All

Are You Committed?

Are You Following Your Strengths and Yearnings?

Fiery Truth - The Pieces of the Puzzle Are All There

Angels Know

You Know

Q & A - Am I in Alignment with the Changes I'm Making?

A Key to Beginning

Fiery Truth - A Future Self Meditation

What Exactly AM I Here to Do?

Ask a Question - Receive a Soulful Answer

The Mystical courtship


Love's Got This

Fiery Truth - A Practice to Bring Calm into Your Worldly Concerns.

Eternal Togetherness

Q & A - Why am I Experiencing Waves of JOY?

Ask a Question - Receive a Soulful Answer

Contrast -What Do You Believe?

Fiery Truth - Is Everyone Divinely Loved?

Love Never Dies

The 12 Faces of God

Fiery Truth- Where We Get to the Heart of It

People Die – Or Do They?

To Mourn is a Human Condition

Being Love - A Hall of Record's Message

Uncovering the TRUTH

What is the Hall of Records?

Blessing Of Love

Ho 'o Pono Pono Prayer

Love is a Choice - Which Will You Choose?

If Life is a Mirror…, What Are You Reflecting?

To be Free is Your Birthright

Aloneness is a Myth

Where it all Began

Insights into the Celestial Realm, the Deceased, and the Soul to discover what it means to be the GOD that You Are.