The Mystical courtship

The Ethereal Realm Known as the Hall of Records

This mystical courtship of other-worldly consciousness is a mysterious journey.

As you travel with me into the sacred, ethereal realm known as the - Hall of Records - you may find yourself questioning the validity of what I share.

I understand.

There have been times when I too questioned.

How can this be real? Am I imagining all of this?

And if it’s real, why am I allowed into this sacred, holy place?

Oh, how I’ve questioned…


I can’t deny the Hall of Record’s indelible mark upon my life and the lives of others. Lasting imprints upon our souls…

I have faced fears and overcome them with more grace than I thought possible.

I have been so filled with bliss I felt my heart would crack wide open.

Clients have cried many a tear from the reflection of their soulful truths mirrored back to them.

They have sighed with relief, and laughed, and shouted, sometimes with expletives!

Please understand that my purpose in sharing my Hall of Record’s experiences is not to prove the truth of them.

My intention is simply to share these wondrous encounters, in hopes that, they may awaken within you the remembrance of your soul’s calling.

That they may bless you by realigning with your soul’s intention and recreating your present challenges into more harmonious creations.

And that they may assist you to move from your human finite, limited perspective to a celestial infinite, expansive perspective.

Okay, back to the other question that hung around in the crevices of my mind - Why am I allowed into this sacred, holy place?

Here is what I hear while in the Hall of Records:

You have been granted access because of the purity of your heart and intent.

In my words…I believe that the Hall of Records came to me, like other spiritual gifts have come to me, not because I’m special or different than anyone else, nope that isn’t it. I honestly believe it’s because of my commitment and discipline to my continued spiritual growth and my ever-growing burning desire to be of service.

Plus, it’s so in alignment with who I AM.

I love mentoring folks. I love assisting others to be their Highest Selves.

Nothing makes my heart smile more than doing what I feel I’m here to do and for me, that is being my God-Self the best I can and helping others do the same.

So, want to hear about a Hall of Record’s Experience? If yes, read on…


My Life Choice - A Personal Hall of Record’s Experience:

In the hallway that leads to the Hall of Records are benches on both sides filled with people. I begin shaking the hands of those people and saying hello to each of them (a first). I hear inside myself from Ascended Master Quan Yin; you may take one with us.

I ask, “Who? How do I know which one?”

She replies, “The one who lights up.”

I’m magnetically attracted to a young woman leaning toward me with her hands on the edge of the long wooden bench. Her effervescent smile and eager body posture tell me she is expecting something to happen. When I choose her, her excitement is palpable. She jumps up and squeals with delight.

Quan Yin rings the gold bell and in we go, following the Record Keeper. As we enter the central hall, I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of it. I can’t see where the walls stop. I spread out my arms and say, “It’s never looked this big before.”

Quan Yin replies, “It’s your expanded state of consciousness. Remember you’re not alone.”

Quan Yin's reassurance quiets the uneasiness that I often feel in this magical place known as the Hall of Records that continually stretches my perception of what I deem as possible.

I digress: The intensity of my uneasy feelings reminds me of the time I found myself out in the universe. I was sleeping, and I could see myself out among the planets. I had a cord attached to my body. I felt infinite freedom, unencumbered in a way I had never experienced. But all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by my free-as-a-bird reality. I thought this is a little scary. And whoosh…just like that I was back in my body.

To continue, along with the Record Keeper, we walk up a wide swirling staircase. We reach a landing and turn to our right. I notice that the usual white floor runner is now red.

The Record Keeper points to two doors to the right. I know I am to choose one. I sense it’s a lesson. I choose the first door on the right. The Record Keeper opens the door but stands aside for us to enter without her. I’m surprised by this, but I walk through the door.

There inside the room is a band. They look up at us, each with a wide, eager grin, as if, they’ve been waiting on us. There is a pianist, a violinist, a harpist, and a guitar lying beside the microphone. The young woman is so gleeful she claps her hands. She dashes to the guitar, picks it up, and stands before the mic.

As if on cue they all begin playing together. They play like they’re well-rehearsed. The young woman begins playing the guitar and singing with the voice of an angel. A beautiful song that resonates so much within me I feel like my chakras are vibrating.

It’s a song that she apparently wrote, which she calls – Lilies of the Field. It’s about how they grow with ease, symbolic of how human growth can be.

Her countenance lights up and she glows, much like a light has been turned on inside her. I get the strong feeling that she has been waiting to sing like this all her life.

I have the strangest sensation…as if I’m part of her.

After the song is finished, an air of awe fills the room and fills my heart.

In a cloud-like shape, a vision appears above us of a band. The music is harsh and discordant, and I see the young woman screaming her song.

Quan Yin locks eyes with the young woman and they both nod their heads yes. The young woman understands that never again does she need to perform in that harsh manner. Although no words are spoken, I too understand. 

The young woman places her hand on her heart and tears roll down her cheeks. As she cries happy tears, the depth of her emotion pierces through my heart.

As if our hearts are one.

The Record Keeper then opens the door, and we quietly walk into the hall. I hear inside myself; I guess I chose the right door.  I smile.

In silence, we proceed down to the central hall. I’m overcome with the strangest feelings, it’s a blend of pure happiness and deep sorrow. I wonder how I can experience two opposite emotions at the same time. In the central hall, I look to Quan Yin for answers. She doesn’t address, what I know, she senses.

Quan Yin hands the Young Woman a violin, she smiles from ear to ear. As we enter the hallway, Quan Yin hugs the young woman. The young woman happily, in skip-like fashion, buoyantly walks away.

Quan Yin turns to me, and I hear her words inside of me. You feel deeply because she is an aspect of you. She is part of your oversoul, which is why you are attracted to music and often wonder why you didn’t choose to become a singer. Part of you already is a singer.

You knew and still know, that to be a singer at the heart level you desire, you would not have been able to become who you are today. You are right where you need to be.

I start crying. She holds me.   

As we disengage, her tender, sincere eyes meet mine, and I hear her words, You helped an aspect of who you are, be the singer she is meant to be. That is growth.

I continue to cry. Quan Yin enfolds me in her loving embrace until my tears subside.

With tears subsiding, a surge of joyful contentment flows.

It reminds me of my heart’s fulfillment when I’ve gone into the transformative Hall of Records for a client, or when I’ve given a group retreat and help folks soulfully integrate aspects of who they are.

Awe, yes, I understand…my real work.

As I walk down the hallway memories of my childhood come alive. I’m singing in my microphone (karaoke). Next, I’m playing teacher. I think to myself – When I grow up, I’ll be a teacher or a singer.

Although I have chosen to be a teacher, I have bouts of sorrow for not choosing to be a singer. I have dabbled with singing a little bit, (I will always dabble with it.) but I’ve never given it my full attention. I took violin lessons for a short while as a small child. And I took voice lessons during my 30’s. I also play the piano at a very beginning level.

I now understand that if I’d have chosen to give my full attention to singing, I would not be who I am today. I would not be writing here or writing a book about the Hall of Records or the 12 Faces of God, or talking with the deceased, or teaching and creating courses about being the God that you are, or connecting with people’s souls.

I would not be the ME I’m meant to be - a teacher.

This thought pops into my mind, which spreads pure pleasure through my heart - I can choose to be a teacher that combines singing with my teaching.

In giggly delight - “Now that’s a beautiful idea.”

Want to hear more about the Hall of Records, here’s a video for you.

Inner Joy Compass Prompt:

Close your eyes, take a few deep belly breaths, and with each breath repeat silently to yourself, Be Love.

Now while relaxing into the Love that you are, direct this question to your innermost heart: (You may want to take in another deep Be Love belly breath before answering.) “As a creation of love, my deepest heart’s desire is to _________________________?”

For more guidance, regarding your answer to the question, you may journal, or you may try journaling with your non-dominant hand, or you may continue with the questioning process.

Here are a few examples of a way to further your questioning process:

To feel safe to move forward with my heart’s desire I need to ________?

To further my growth with my deepest heart’s desire my first step is to _________?

If I were to allow myself to live my heart’s desire, I would experience __________ and my life would be __________?

Thanks so much for being here with me.

With all my love,