Angels Know

When Angels Take Charge Magic Happens.

The Angels Omnipotent Guidance

Ever wonder what it would be like to have an Angel experience?

(Maybe you’ve had one, or maybe you’ve had many.)

Here is one of my personal experiences with Angels, may it pique your curiosity and inspire you to listen to what is important.

I’m on my way to hosting a Goddess workshop. I’ve spent weeks in soulful preparation for this transformative event. After being in hours of meditation, prayer, and each woman’s energy, I feel ready to assist these beautiful women into their Goddess Selves.

Since praying is my practice while driving to my live gatherings, this particular drive to the weekend workshop appears as typical as any other. ‘Or so I think.’

While in the middle of driving and praying, I hear - You are to give each woman a Goddess name.


After my initial shock, I vehemently state, “I am not giving them Goddess names!

I hear, yes you will.

I respond in my oh-so-human way, “No I won’t! I’ve been preparing for this, and I’m ready. Anyway, I don’t know how to give them Goddess names.”

We will help you.

Like a stubborn independent teenager, “NO! I don’t have time to learn this.”

Ignoring my response, in a calm voice I hear, you will give them hints, and ask them to go home and ponder on their hints. When they return, they will know their Goddess names, if they do not know, you will assist them to know.

“I don’t know how to give them hints.”

We will help you. The woman named Barbara; you will give the hint of blue jeans.

In full indignation, “That isn’t a spiritual hint.”

Fully disregarding my comment, I continue to receive hints for each woman, but I’m so freaked out that I don’t hear them.

With a pouty lip, “I’ll forget the hints.”

We will remind you. By the way, your Goddess name is Gloria, for the Glory of God, Self, and all Others.

I then begin hearing a host of Angels sing Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High), which fill up my car in the most melodious voices I’ve ever heard - in true symphonic perfection.

The Angels sing all the way there - Glo o o o or ia. Their perfectly pitched voices continue to sing until I turn off my motor and open my car door.

In the mysterious stillness, I sit without a slight movement for several minutes.

To say I was in a dazzled state is an understatement.

Slowly I make my way out of the car. I can barely move. My legs feel light in weight like I am in the ocean trying to walk on the buoyant waves. I remember taking big steps trying to feel the ground beneath my feet. If someone were to observe me, they would swear I was playing Mother May I with some invisible friends, and my giant steps were as wobbly as a toddler’s first attempts at walking.

When I arrive inside the course room, the participants are there, and some of them say Hi to me. I can’t speak. I gaze at everyone with an empty stare, seeing but not registering.

In slow methodical movements I fill up my water bottle; I then pick up a cushion and sit down on it. After several minutes everyone sits down and becomes quiet. I still can’t utter a word. Expressionless, I just sit there in my surreal, entranced state. Finally, I hear someone whisper to the woman sitting by her side, “Is she going to talk?”

I smile and say, “You will be getting Goddess names.”

Barbara’s Hint

Like the wise Angels so graciously pointed out, I knew the hint for each woman. All I needed to do was look at a participant and her hint would flash into my mind. To my surprise, I also had a clear understanding of why she was receiving that particular hint.

When it is Barbara’s turn, I share with her that her hint is blue jeans. She claps her hands together, leans forward and with an ear-to-ear grin she says, in her very southern voice, “It must be Liz Claiborne. I just loooove Liz Claiborne’s clothes.”

The Following Morning

The next morning before I can ask the group about their hints, Barbara, in full animated form, says, “I have something to tell y’all.”

I smile at her to go right ahead.

“When I arrived home my husband said, “‘Barb, your mom keeps telling me to call you Lizzy. Why does she want me to call you Lizzy?’”

Ahs and ohs fill the room.

In a most lively manner, she says, “I told him it’s because it’s my Goddess name. It’s after Liz Claiborne.” (I have a clear understanding that the name Liz equates to success for Barbara, and that is the true meaning of her Goddess name.)

She then very casually goes on to mention that her mom died 6 months earlier and that she frequently talks to her husband.

Can you imagine such a workshop?

When Angels take charge magic happens.


Angels Know

I wouldn’t have picked the name Gloria for myself. But what do I know? Compared to celestial Beings of the Most-High, probably not so much.

Friend, having a new name isn’t like buying a new pair of shoes, it takes some getting used to.

At first, I only used my angelic appointed name when giving workshops.

After a while I decide to be a bit more brave, and I make the decision that the next time I go to Hawaii (I didn’t live here yet.) when I meet someone new, I’ll introduce myself as Gloria. I also make up my mind that when I meet my Beloved, he will know me by my new name.

‘Side note: I met the man, I later married, in Hawaii, and of course, I introduced myself as Gloria.’

To my amazement, each time someone said my name - Gloria - I would experience it as bodily sensations - waves of joy cascading down my body - tingling vibes of happiness. (This went on for about a year. Every once in a while, I’ll reexperience those tingly sensations with the sound of my name.)

After months of deliberating, I decide to make the bold move of changing my name legally. Although I experience tingling sensations and feel more alive and expanded when I hear my new, more fitting name, it isn’t an easy decision.

I fear I might lose part of my identity.

Am I ready to let go of my old identity and own my new identity? What does that mean for my soul’s evolution? Can I, do it?

Then there is my list of concerns - What will others think? What will my family think? My parents!?

Regardless of my fears, I cannot ignore the difference being Gloria is making in my life. I feel as if I’ve gone from being congested and cramped to one of being open and free. In a deep-in-my-bones kind of way, I feel Gloria.

In a state of fear of the unknown, I call upon my intuitive friend Adrienne. I ask her what will happen if I change my name legally. In a nutshell here is what she shares with me.

“Your present name holds all of your old hurts and wounds. Whereas your new name has a clean slate and is ripe with possibilities. It’s up to you. Hold onto the old pain or let it go.”

Old hurts or clean slate?

When you know what’s important, it’s easier to ignore what’s not.

Although I don’t always readily comply with the Celestial, I do know that’s it’s in my best interest to do so. ‘And in the best interest of those I serve.’

I have to confess that there are more times than I like to admit that I’ve put up some (okay, sometimes a lot of) resistance before surrendering to the Omnipotent Wisdom of the Divine.

“Humans are slow but mightily loved.” An Archangel once said to me with a twinkle in his eye and laughter in his tone.

Hey, I may be slow at times but when you know what’s important, it’s easier to ignore what’s not.

I’d say when it comes to listening to my fears or listening to Angels, well, the question of what’s important is no longer a question.

Thank you, Beloved Angels, for your Omnipotent Power and your Omnipresence Love.

Angels we have heard on high

Gloria in Excelsis Deo - Glory to God in the Highest

Inner Joy Compass Prompt

In the stillness, breathe in and quietly ask yourself, if I were to ignore what’s not important and compassionately listen to what is important… I would?

The difference this would make is…

The first step I’m willing to take toward doing that which is important is…?

If you have not yet experienced our Firery Truth’s Future Self Meditation, you may want to give it a try. It’s a beautiful way to get in touch with what’s important to you.

With all my appreciation and love, I thank you for being here with me,


P.S. Would you like to hear more about Angels? If you’re curious, stay tuned. I have more to share about them.

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