Love's Got This

A Hall of Record's Truth about Our World

As I enter the hallway to the Hall of Records, I experience an uncanny fluttering in the pit of my belly.

I intuitively feel to turn around. Wow, there behind me is an endless line of Celestial Light Beings.

My full-blown curiosity compels me to step to the side and take a gander, where does the line end?  The row of Celestial Ones appears to grow.       

Quan Yin rings the bell that sounds like chimes. Awe…Yes, I sigh, something familiar. We then, do as we usually do, and enter the Hall of Records.

Upon entering, I stand stock-still, frozen with overwhelm and amazement. Celestial Beings are everywhere – all around me, in front of me, even floating above me, and standing on a numberless number of balconies that seemingly rise into Infinity.  

As I approach the Great Central Hall, directly in front of me are ghost-like images of Trump and Biden. They immediately vanish into thin air.

Confusion overrides all my senses. But within seconds my mind clears, and I have a strong sense, an inner pull, that this is the moment to share my concerns. Without hesitation, I begin rambling, non-stop, barely without a breath between each word.      

As if driven by an internal bulldozer, in a forceful tone that surprises me, I spew out about COVID-19 - everything from the wearing of masks, to the keeping of our distance, vaccines, and the politics behind it.

With the floodgates of my pent-up feelings wide open, I charge forth with a barrage of injustices that pull at my heartstrings - the harm, the lawlessness, the lies, and the deaths.

I cry out – We’re being hoodwinked!

Without warning, everything turns pitch black. In a bone-deep way, I have an eerie feeling that pandemonium is about to break loose. Instantly a cacophonous, menacing, spine-chilling clatter thunders, as if breaking the very air itself.  Piercing terror courses through my innermost being.

I hold my breath.

At the moment when I feel the frightening chaos is unbearable, brilliant white light with golden specks brightens up every corner and crevice of the Hall of Records and the deepest recesses of my being.

Peace reigns inside and out.

A vibrant, yet calm, aliveness washes through every cell of my mind, body, and soul.

As the Light gets brighter and brighter its aliveness becomes more electric and I hear:

Darkness will not prevail.

In a stronger tone, I hear:  The Light Will Always Prevail!

My shoulders relax, my breath flows harmoniously, and hope bubbles within my weary heart.

We each have our own political beliefs, rightfully so. But regardless of what your political beliefs are, you too are probably feeling concerned with our worldly events.

So many changes…


Maybe together we can hold onto the truth – The Light Will Always Prevail.

Maybe together we can know that – Goodwill always overrides evil, the truth will shine its light and there is always hope on the horizon.

Maybe together we can trust that Divine Justice reigns supreme.

Maybe together we can calm our hearts and know that - Love’s Got This.

Inner Joy Compass Prompt:

Hold a worldly concern you have in your mind, then breathe deeply in your heart and finish this stem of a sentence -

If I knew and accepted that Love’s Got this concern I would… (or I could).

You may want to listen to the Fiery Truth below to assist you with bringing calm into your worldly concerns.

Fiery Truth - A Practice to Bring Calm into Your Worldly Concerns.

Thank you so much for being here with me.

With all my love and gratitude,