Thanksgiving - A Time of Giving Thanks

We Are All More ALIKE Than We Are Different

Thanksgiving - a time of giving thanks.

What if, this Thanksgiving, we were to reach out and share our thankfulness beyond our family and friends?

What if we were to demonstrate our thankfulness to humanity by letting go of any thoughts or feelings of division?

What if we let go of caring if someone is a republican or democrat, vaccinated or not vaccinated, believes in wearing masks, or doesn’t believe in wearing masks.

What if instead, we care about what keeps a person up at night, what makes their heart sing, what brings them comfort, what their dreams, hobbies, and interests are.

What if we were to look at how we’re all more the same than we are different.

What if?

Think about this for a moment…you are walking down a sidewalk and you see an elderly woman struggling with her packages while trying to open a door. Do you stop and ask, “Are you a republican or democrat? Are you vaccinated?”

Or do you stop and, without giving it much thought, hold the door open for her?

I have a feeling you would hold the door open.

At the moment of witnessing her need, you wouldn’t care if she believes differently than you. Because you would understand she is a fellow human that needs a bit of help.

At that moment you would understand that she is more like you than different.

The Simple Truth is This...

  • We are all more alike than we are different.

  • We all want to love and be loved.

  • We all want safety and security.

  • We all want to be accepted.

  • We all want to live pain-free in our bodies.

  • We all want to live in peace, happiness, and abundance.

  • We all want to be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

  • And we all want the freedom to choose where we live, how and where we travel, what we put into our bodies, and a thousand other things that
    make us beautiful, sovereign human beings.

The way we choose to have these things in our lives is the only thing that makes us different from each other.


Friend, let’s not allow the only thing that makes us different to keep us from our connectedness as human beings.

Let’s be examples of how-to-live in harmony, and show our thankfulness to humanity by being kind, gentle, accepting and unconditionally loving.

Let us remember the truth:



"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Where will you stand?

You may want to take a moment and listen to this Fiery Truth message - The Right of One is the Right of All

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Inner Joy Compass Prompt:

Breathe deeply and bring up a happy memory of Thanksgiving.

Sit with that warm memory for a moment. Now while holding that memory in your heart complete the following statements:

I’m willing to start sharing my thanksgiving of humanity by _____________.

If I were to bring this feeling of thanksgiving into those who disagree with my politics, I would ___________.

The difference this would make is_________.

 Thank you so much for being here with me.

May you have a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

With all my love and gratitude - I thank you,