What Exactly AM I Here to Do?

It's Simpler Than You Can Imagine

What Comes so Naturally for You that You Don’t Even Have to Try to Do It?

The question of all questions - What exactly am I here to do?

This deeply-rooted question has been asked for eons.

Why? Because it’s our nature to want to make a difference in our corner of the world.

It’s our nature to want our lives to have meaning.

We all want to matter.

What if the way to make our difference (matter) is simpler than we can imagine?

My husband can’t help but be curious about how things work, thus he naturally, with great delight, creates ways to make things work better. It’s simply who he is.

I have a friend who loves cooking, and she naturally prepares delicious meals for herself and others. Her joy while cooking is palpable.

Since childhood my nephew has been interested in cars, specifically making them better and more attractive. He’s done this with practically every vehicle he owns. He now works for a company that turns old cars into beauties. He couldn’t be happier.

I have a client that loves kids. She wasn’t in her element until she decided to work with them. She practically glows when she talks about her work with kids.

Okay friend, now it’s your turn. What comes so naturally for you that you don’t even have to try to do it? It’s simply who you are.

My Experience with the Question of All Questions

Deep in meditation, I ask the all-important question.

“What exactly am I here to do?”

I then see the beautiful, golden-haired Ascended Master Lady Nada.

She walks toward me, more like floats really.

I see myself and Lady Nada standing and facing each other.

She stretches her arms out directly in front of her and raises her hands up.

I know that she means for me to touch my palms to her palms.

With our arms outstretched and our palms touching while looking deeply into my eyes, she says, “You are the archway to the cathedral of the heart, where the Highest Love is bequeathed. Once bequeathed the foundational frequency is set for the attainment of God’s Attributes.”


Although my heart is all gooey and I’m filled with loving warmth, my mind explodes - what does that mean and how do I do it?

Highest Love…really?

Maybe by breaking down the meaning of the message I can figure this out.

Here I go.

Archway to the cathedral of the heart…

A little visit to Google and I find - Passing through an arch is the symbolic act of rebirth, of leaving the old behind and entering the new. They often mark access into holy places.

Okay got it. So as an archway, I open the way for a rebirth into one’s heart (the holy place).

Amazing. Nothing brings me more contentment than living in my heart and helping others do the same. (Which for me is the same as being true to oneself.)

Now for this Highest Love bit. The word Agape comes to mind - the unconditional love of God, ‘Divine Love.’

Okey dokey…moving forward…

Where the Highest Love is bequeathed, or where unconditional love is entrusted.

Putting it together - I open the way for a rebirth into one’s heart where unconditional love is entrusted.

LOL - I love it!

To continue, once bequeathed the foundational frequency is set for the attainment of God’s Attributes.


In its fullness - I open the way for a rebirth into one’s heart where unconditional love is entrusted. Once entrusted the essential vibration is set for one to be one’s God Self.

Oh, my goodness, this is exactly what I love to do! It’s so who I AM.

I adore helping others grow into their own unique Divinity.

Imagine that!! By doing what I naturally love to do, by sharing who I naturally am, I’m making my difference in my corner of the world.

I wonder, might you too, by doing what you naturally love to do, by being who you naturally are, make your difference?

Dearest, if you’ve been wondering about making your difference - wonder no more.

It’s as simple as sharing what you're naturally good at.

It’s as simple as being who you naturally are.

Inner Joy Compass Prompt:

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What am I naturally good at?”

Breathe in the answer. Let it soak into your cells.

Then you may want to journal about why who you naturally are is important to you.

For example, if I were to journal about my answer it may sound something like this…

I love being true to myself and helping others be true to themselves. I believe the way to be true to oneself is through the heart. I believe within the heart is one’s Divinity. I believe that when we’re true to our Divinity, we’re elevating our eternal soul growth. I believe that growth is the doorway to joy. And being in joy is what we’re all about.

“Be free and express yourself. Do what comes naturally.” CeeLo Green

Thanks for being here with me. I appreciate you.

With all my love,