Hi, I’m Gloria,

I love – love.

All of it – gushy Hallmark movies, babies, and kittens, holding hands with my sweetheart husband as we fall asleep, giggles with my sister, pajama parties with besties, even sentimental songs and poems bring a tear to my eyes.

But my biggest love is God.

Not only do I love God; I love all of the Heavenly Kingdom – Angels, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Higher Rays, and the Hall of Records.

Nothing excites me more than having a Celestial encounter while in deep meditation or hearing a whisper (I have to admit, sometimes I need a shout) from a beloved Angel while going about my day.

Yep, it’s true, I live in two worlds.

Well, actually, there are times I feel I live in three worlds – our Earth, the Celestial Realm, and the Other Side. (I love connecting with deceased loved ones. They’re so alive!)    

There are times, however, I feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air. But then I remember that if I drop one, I can just pick it up again, no harm, no foul.

So, when I run to my nearby post office here in Volcano village and I look spaced out and the postman has to ask me the same question three times. It’s okay.

Or when a friend calls and I get asked, “Is something up?” because she can feel my unusual quiet. It’s okay.

Or when I feel a pull to meditate for the second time in a day when I need to be doing other things. It’s okay.

Or when I’m with a group and the conversation feels unimportant and I wince inside to get back to my real world. It’s okay.

It’s all okay. Because I love living in my three worlds.

Why I’m Here

My greatest heart’s desire is to follow my Inner Joy Compass and assist others in doing the same.


Because that’s where being the God that You Are begins.

And that’s why I’m here - to assist you (while, in my imperfect human way, going through my own inner joy journey) in being the God that You Are.

Being the God that YOU Are

Being the God that YOU Are means that you are dedicated to being your Highest Best True Self. (With childlike curiosity, unconditional love, and deep compassion.)

Ready to have your true self mirrored back to you with love and compassion?

Ready to join me in being the GOD that YOU are?

Here are your choices: 

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Whichever you choose, I’m grateful for your presence. Thank you.

My Promise to YOU

No holds barred, I’ll be covering everything – Angels, Ascended Masters, Hall of Records, Other Side friends, Higher Rays, the 12 Faces of God, my personal meditative celestial experiences, and messages… and anything else that will assist me in helping you to be - The God that You Are.

(I get that you aren’t familiar with the 12 Faces of God. I wasn’t either until it came to me in meditation but stick with me and you’ll get it and receive untold benefits.)

I will share from the depths of my heart and from the Most-High anything that I feel will help you to be – the God that YOU Are.   

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