Mar 2, 2023Liked by Gloria Boysal

That is such a beautiful poem.. I can see you and your rocking chair on the move.

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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Gloria Boysal

Wow I so needed this exercise and poem right now!

I needed to be reminded to find my joy even in the smallest moments, and to laugh more.

The laughter part immediately took me back to my visit to the Hall of Records where the Cherubs were sliding down the stairs bannisters and laughing. They we’re being childlike and playing this reminded me to play with my inner child more frequently as child’s play can really feed my soul. Seeing Santa Clause at the very tippy top floor and his laughter and jovial smile, oh those dimples☺️. Having Quan Yin begin to smile at all the joy in the space. Gloria your giggles and laughter through the phone spoke to the pure joy being felt by both of us.

What love gave to me in the beautiful clear bubble with pearlescent reflections as it was caught by the light!

Is that I need to remind myself about the love and joy surrounding me always! I am going to start writing affirmations on my mirrors again.

You are enough

You are loved

Laugh more, the joy is in the journey

Get out of your head and go outside

Many blessings Gloria and thank you for continuing to show up for us💜

🍀Much love and light beautiful one! Deborah

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