Gloria, I'm so excited to ready that you're writing a book! You have so much to share.

I like this:

"My point, we all have reasons to NOT be joyous.

But what if being joyous is a matter of letting your curiosity out of the bag?

What if once your curiosity is out of the bag, your compassion comes out?

And what if once your compassion comes out - your connection to yourself, others, the world, and the God within comes out?"

I think that intro is great. But you know me and my marketing self, I'm not sure the title is there yet. Neither one grabs me.

I recently had someone share with me that asking someone to reach for joy with they are really far away from it seems impossible and so they shut down. I don't think that would be the case with your book because if they are reaching for a book about joy then they must be ready to that in their lives. But that feedback really struck me. So I offer it here.

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Aug 30Liked by Gloria Boysal

Yes Gloria, we could all use some more joy. I prefer the title, Heightened Joy, for me because it sounds like you already have it.

I am so happy (Joyous) for you for writing this book, as I believe it will be a great service to many. You have touched so many lives, Gloria and continue to do so. I know you have touched my life more than you could ever know AND..... I Thank you!!

~Much Love~

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